• Expanding capabilities

    An increasing number of agriculture, land management, energy, construction and other specialists use drones to collect data for a further analysis and work. Our software can expand your drone capabilities facilitating your daily work and providing opportunities for new insights or discoveries of entirely new paths!
  • 3D surface reconstruction

    Based on the initiative Photogrammetry technology our solution is able to process hundreds of images and reconstruct detailed 3D surface. Geolocation information from photos or UAVs flight log in conjunction with optional Ground Control Points georeference reconstructed surface and improves measurement accuracy.
  • Turning World Into 3D

    PixProcessing is a desktop software application performing 3D structure reconstruction from aerial and handheld imagery. It is an invaluable tool for stockpile and pit volume calculation, landscape surface scanning, precision agriculture and other use.
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IndustriesEngage new possibilities

Mining Industry
Accurate and safe stock pile inventory

Based on photogrammetry PixProcessing enables accurate and safe stock pile inventory. PixProcessing measures distance, area, volume and even weight.

Quick and easy overview of crop fields

Detailed Orthophoto reveals crop condition. Our product ensures measurement of distance, area, volume and weight.

Quick detailed surface scanning

Aerial photography allows quick and easy overview of big areas. Detailed surface is very helpful for precise measurement of distance, area and elevation.

Wood Industry
Overview of woods or timber piles

Aerial photography allows quick, easy and safe overview of woods or timber piles. Detailed surface is useful for resources measuring.

Accurate scanning of architectural objects and land surfaces

Aerial photography in conjunction with handheld photography allows quick and easy scanning of architectural objects and land surfaces.

Colorful scanning of historical heritage areas and constructions

Our product ensures accurate measurement of buildings and land surface. Accurate georeferenced landscape registration is very useful before and after archaeological excavations.

Quick overview of disaster or accident places

Aerial photography allows quick and easy overview of big disaster areas (oil spills, flood, fire) or accident places (car wreck). 

Detailed orthophoto of small local areas

Everyone in quick and easy way could prepare orthophoto of his local areas.

Software at a glanceHow could you do that


Features What Can We Do For You

Dense Point Cloud

Accurate surface reconstruction

Physical map and Contour lines

Accurate mapping of small areas

EPSG coordinate system support

More then 3500 coordinate systems over the world

Textured Surface Mesh

Textured surface mesh generation Improved algorithm for fine surface texturing

Accurate measurement

2D/3D distance, 2D/3D area, volume, weight

3D surface export

Export to various formats: XYZ, PLY, OBJ, SHP, DXF

Orthomosaic generation

Detailed orthomosaic of small local areas

Ground Control Points

GCP import from variuos formats Universal parsing algorithm reads almost any coordinate format.

Graphical objects export

Graphical objects export to various formats: XYZ, PLY, OBJ, DXF