Edvardas Ramanauskas – the co-founder and General Manager of Pixpro company, shares his success story about how the desire to know how it feels to issue an invoice lead him to create his own business and become an inspiring specialists team leader. He always thought that being a leader was not a privilege to do less. For him, the leadership was responsibility to do even more.

The beginning of Edvardas career was no different from any other youngsters of that time. After graduation, he started working in several companies, until finally decided to create something by himself.

His first company was specializing in Microsoft ERP systems installation and support services – to this day it successfully serving its customers and is listed among the most trusted service providers.

Few years later, Edvardas co-founded Pixpro. This company came out as a result of one client request to make the large scale inventory reporting more efficient. Looking for the solution, he came across with the photogrammetry application possibilities in 3D object reconstruction and analysis. Currently, Pixpro has developed two successful 3D modeling software products:

”To have a business idea is only a half- way to success. To gather the team of professionals is the other half of the way.  The latter one, most probably, is the bumpiest and most slippery part of the road,“ he says. ”To find  like-minded, self-motivated professional enthusiasts that burns with the same desire to face new challenges and reach new horizons is one the most difficult tasks of running a business. But when you find such ones, you can go forward and conquer the world“.