Does your company:

  • – have a volatile need of the object reconstruction and management in a 3D mode?
  • – encounter the necessary human resources constraint?
  • – think of purchasing the product, but is dueling on the long-term commitment?


Then Pixprocessing services is the right choice for your business. Some of the benefits:

  • No long-term commitments. You are free to choose whether one-time or recurring project option;
  • Appealing pricing. You pay only for the agreed results. Long-term projects include more favorable pricing options
  • Fully satisfied needs. We use our own software, and can modify it according your business specifics.



The entire process of the object reconstruction in a 3D mode consists of 2 main phases:

  • – data gathering;
  • – data processing.

At Pixpro Ltd our main focus is the quality of the services. Only the official Pixpro service team and certified for Pixprocessing partners are entitled to provide these services:

  • Data processing service;
  • Data gathering and data processing service.

The price, timeline and other conditions of the service provision are highly influenced by the project specifics. To get the most appropriate service proposal, please fill in the service request form.