Product description

With Pixprocessing you can enjoy:

– Photorealistic 3D Models
– Explicit Dense Point Cloud
– Classified Point Cloud
– Fine Resolution DEM / DSM
– Bounding Box for DEM
– Accurate True Orthophoto

– Advanced Contour Line Maps
– Variety of 2D & 3D Measurements
– 3D Volume Comparison
– Angle Calculation
– Profiles
– Import & Export in Various Formats


Additional information

Acquire “Pixprocessing_Mining” by selecting the period of use. The minimal period is 1 month (30 days) & the maximum – 1 year (12 months consisting of 30 days).

To ensure the best software performance, please review the minimum and recommended hardware & software requirements.

In case of any concern, query or need of additional information, please do not hesitate to contact “Pixpro” support team by support@pixprocessing.com .